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Entry #1

fresh,new, and full of disgusting and annoying ideas

2008-04-09 02:02:01 by TWISTEDbrother

hum... my new year's wish was to learn to make flash clips during the year, i dont know when i'll do it but i sorta think that it is still...a possibility... andhaaaa will be tough starting from zero, does anyone could help me out?


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2008-04-09 03:16:23

Flash? Try for starters, they have lots of good guides, and there are a few great tutorials in the collections section as well. If you need help there's a flash forum in the forums.

TWISTEDbrother responds:

theeeenks mate


2010-11-24 21:26:37

English ou francais?

Je commence en francais. Pour commencer en flash, tu dois commencer par maitriser la base: la timeline, les frame/key frames et surtout les hotkeys (les touches raccourcies). Tu ne peux aller nul part sans ca.

Si tu veux, je peux te donner des tips pour commencer. PM moi si ca t'interesse!